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Cambridge Wedding Photography. Matt & Juliette’s Dark Carnival Wonder & Wedlock wedding.

I’m a massive fan of alternative and quirky weddings, so when my lovely friends Juliette and Matt told me all about their halloween inspired dark carnival wedding, and that they wanted me to capture it for them, I was so mega honoured it was unreal. Their Wonder & Wedlock day was going to have a halloween style theme/vibe, an outdoor ceremony in a wooded clearing, vegan eats from some awesome street food vans, live music from killer bands (including the punk band our bride Juliette drums for Beverly Kills), a glitter station, tearoom…this was going to be special!


What Juliette and Matt achieved was not only a photographers dream, it was a perfect visual representation of who they are as a couple: a mixture of mystery and romance, dark humour and unconditional love, the macabre intertwined with pure beauty. The day was as unique as they are, and that’s how you really nail a modern wedding in my opinion, you celebrate what makes you who you are as a couple.

The reality that so many of the very best people I know were also here as guests, and the fact they all mucked in to get this awesome and unique DIY wedding up and running, is no coincidence at all. Man, it was a wedding that hit you right in the feels…


I have been friends with these two beautiful souls for as long as I can remember, and to say they are the perfect match, is a bit of an understatement! They truly belong to one another, and with this amazing day they celebrated their marriage in the most perfect way, surrounded by their best friends, their lovely families, and just a few severed heads hidden in the woods…a weekend of wedlock and wonder indeed! Weddings as ace as this are rare but this was a total banger – yes guys – you nailed it!

Take a look below to see some highlights of one of the best weddings I have ever been part of… a very special thank you to my friend Rob Simpson who helped me capture this day so I could party a bit – you rule! Strap yourself in, it’s a long one…