Suffolk Wedding Photography | Becky & Matt | The Granary Estates

Granary Estates wedding

Suffolk Wedding Photography. Becky & Matt at The Granary Estates, Wooditon.

Becky & Matt had one of the most memorable weddings I have captured at the Granary Estates! This was largely because their family & friends all treated the day like a proper celebration, and the relaxed vibes from the very first moment I arrived to find the bridesmaids all running around like nutters, really set the tone for what was to come!

Matt might have been the most nervous groom I have ever met, and you would think having his brothers as his bestmen might have helped, but of course they couldn’t pass the opportunity of winding him up. It was all done in good nature of course, but his tears when Becky appeared at the top of the aisle, were clearly a mixture of joy and relief, and I could really could have given him a hug at that point. The moment was beautiful, and it times like that, I really do love my job.

The relationship Becky and Matt have with each other really made for this day to be a cracker from start to finish. Not only were they great fun to shoot portraits with, playful and full of mischief as you can see, but the love all their guests had for them was huge. The speeches were both hilarious (Matt was royally and brilliantly stitched up by his brothers) and moving (Beckys stepfather bought her to tears), and the evening party was off the chain, with some quite incredible dance moves! What a brilliant day!

Take a look below to see some highlights of a wonderful day…