Gary & Nicole | The Keeper & The Dell | Norfolk Wedding Photography

The Keeper & The Dell

Gary & Nicole – what a couple and what a wedding! I had been looking forward to capturing this day from the moment Nicole told me all about their plans! An outdoor ceremony, a stunning vintage dress, a fairytale woodland setting, an amazing and unique venue, bales of hay for chairs…it had it all!

My favourite thing about this wedding, apart from Gary & Nicole nailing the theme and being an ace couple, was the VIBE! The relaxed atmosphere, the beautiful setting, the fun that Gary & Nicole were clearly having, it all made for a wonderful day. I often think that couples often overlook this aspect of the day when planning, and it’s the very key to making sure it’s a brilliant day for your guests as well as yourself, and it’s all about setting the tone. 

The Keeper & The Dell is a truly wondrous venue, set in it’s own little mini valley, surrounded by woodland and nature. Gary & Nicole picked the perfect location to do the mighty deed, and they were repaid with a fantastic day of fun, laughter and love.

Here are a few highlights: