Hello, I'm Danny *waves*

I live in the beautiful Cambridgeshire countryside village of Alconbury, with my wife Jennifer (below) and our kids Milo & Peanut. Yes, our kids are small, furry and poo in a box in our kitchen, but we live in East Anglia, so that’s pretty standard. Despite appearances, we are all very happy with the quiet life, Milo & Peanut in particular enjoy lording it over our little patch of the village. I need to keep convincing people to pay me to take photographs, so that my wife kids don’t leave me, so bare that in mind when you decide if you want to employ me. I need the work so I will do a great job. I have also been told my laugh is very infectious, and my rubbish attempts at growing a beard very entertaining, so I throw all that in for free when you book me.

Why do I shoot weddings? I fell into capturing weddings almost by mistake. In the early days, my passion and interest in alternative music lead me to start shooting live gigs as a hobby, and much to my surprise, I was quite good at it. It was when the likes of Rock Sound, Kerrang, NME and Metal Hammer started publishing my music images, that I realised I should probably take this all a lot more seriously, so I made my hobby a full time career. I also decided that capturing really cool weddings, with less traditional couples, might also be a great fun way to make my career a success, so I set up a wedding photography business as well. Happy days! I truly love my job, and capturing weddings has become a huge passion of mine, it genuinely feels like a privilege to share these incredible days with all my couples. My approach is to be informal & fun, creative & professional, but I really am a huge people person at heart. I love chatting to guests at weddings, and I feel this helps me capture the photographs I do, as I become part of the day and all your guests will relax around me because of it, and in my experience that is when the real magic of photography can capture something really special and unique. When I’m not capturing weddings, I’m normally sat round drinking cups of tea, eating fig rolls, and listening to music. My favourite band is the Smashing Pumpkins and I’m also an avid fan of baseball & football. If you aren’t bored senseless yet, take a look at my portfolio HERE, and get in touch.

'Danny was the secret weapon of our dark carnival wedding: bringing cutting-edge technical mastery, phenomenal artistic flair and the laugh of an evil creative genius..'

Matt & Ju // Aug 2018