This is how you do a wedding! A truly stunning day from start to finish as my friends James & Hayley tied the knot at the beautiful Manor Farm in Cambridgeshire!

I have heard it said many many times, by brides and grooms alike, that when it comes to meeting THE ONE, you know pretty soon into a relationship if the person you are with has that potential, and once that is realised, it’s just about finding the right time to ask the question. With that in mind, it came as no surprise to me that my friends James and Hayley decided to marry – they really are a great match and I half suspected when they first started dating each other, it might end with a wedding, so it was also a great honour to be asked by them both to capture the special day for them!

The guys really did smash this wedding out of the park – they got everything spot on; from the fantastic venue, to the theme, colours, attire and general atmosphere of having a relaxed yet very stylized day. It’s always nice to meet a couple that don’t just want a wedding – they want an event that is truly there’s in every way – and Hayley and James really did achieve something special on  this beautiful September day out in the Cambridgeshire country side. The gorgeous flowers were supplied and arranged by Hannah (Hayleys talented twin sister) and they could not have complimented the amazing dress that Hayley choose more – what a stunning bride! James scrubbed up well too it has to be said…the boy can be dapper when he wants to be!

I could go on for hours but I would rather let the photographs tell the story – it was a brilliant day from start to finish – and with the great sense of humour that the happy couple have, it was always going to be one of my favourite weddings of this year, so a big thank you to James and Hayley for asking me to shoot this for them but also for being such a fun couple to work with – you smashed it!

A very special mention must also go out to the Leivers and Macdonalds families – you couldn’t really ask for more fun, welcoming or caring sets of families and they made my job a joy on the day with their help, banter and great conversation. Thank you guys!

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