An amazing and intimate D.I.Y. wedding at the unique Lady Rothschild Dairy, Peterborough for Geoff & Heather!

There are many different ways to have a wedding, but if you really want something that is truly your own, going down the D.I.Y. route is the way to do it! I loved EVERYTHING about this day – from the unique and totally stunning venue in the woods, the intimate nature of the guest list, the outdoor ceremony, the hand made decorations, all the way through to the relaxed BBQ and outside first dance – it was a wedding that only Geoff & Heather could have imagined, planned and pulled off & it’s what made it so special and truly theirs.

I have been very fortunate to shoot some brilliant weddings this summer, but this not only rates as one of my favourites of this year, it’s also one of my all time favourites full stop. I really enjoyed being part of amazing day, catching up with some old friends and making some new ones, and the opportunity to capture some beautiful portraits of the new Mr & Mrs Taha was a genuine privilege.

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